The hottest orgy for gay and bisexual guys in Melbourne

This isn’t just any old orgy...

This is a ticketed, invite-only party

Hosted on the last Saturday of every month at rotating private locations throughout Melbourne. It's the hottest way to spend your Saturday night.

Quality guys

We always have a good mix of friendly guys. The sessions are curated by us for variety and quality. We have a good formula that takes into account; age groups, backgrounds, and body types.
We have a few checks in place to make sure that only quality guys are invited, these include; making sure that all applicants submit three photos as part of their application, all photos need to be clear and not obstructed and photos must show face, body and cock/ass.
Drug-free and safe

Socialise and have fun

Socialise and have fun
SatSesh isn’t just about the sex. The party starts with drinks, music, and chats before all the fun begins.
All the guys who attend are there for fun! Leave the bitchyness at the door, have a positive attitude, and try not to take our selves too seriously.
This is a great way to meet like-minded guys.The sessions have connected many guys who now have great friendships and even a relationship or two.

Pre-party group chat

You can opt to be added to a WhatsApp group chat for the event. One week before the event, the chat is opened.
Here you can to meet all the guys and you can share your pics, videos and have a chat with the group.
We will never send any of your pictures to ensure your privacy, but you are welcome to do so yourself.
Pre-party chat

Drug-free and safe

Quality guys
No drugs are allowed at all. Amyl is fine though. If you’re found on or using drugs then you have to leave.
Condoms and lube are provided for free. You should use the relevant protection for your own safety. This might mean using a condom or taking PrEP.
Whilst we encourage everybody to be regularly tested and to do so before attending a party, we can’t guarantee that this happens.

Experienced where it counts

We've refined the formula for a safe and fun party that everybody attending can enjoy

$ 0
+ 0

Just bring yourself

$30 ticket includes everything you need for a fun and safe night.

Arrive & check in

Show your ticket at the door and head inside the venue

Strip & socialise

Strip down to your jocks and meet the rest of the guys

Grab a drink

Help yourself or have the bartender serve you

Fuck all night

Lube and condoms are provided for your comfort and safety

Get an invite to the next sesh

To make sure that only quality guys come along, there is a simple application process.

Submit application

Read the rules, send us your details and your hot pics.

Get invited

Successful guys will receive an invitation to attend.

Buy ticket

Confirm that you are coming by getting yourself a ticket.

Frequently asked questions

Yeah sure thing. He is obviously a babe if he is your mate! Just get him to send through his pics via this website, you can even refer him using this page if you are a bit shy and would prefer to refer him anonymously.

Its free to apply and $30 to attend. Costs are necessary in order to run the events. We only charge a fee to attend the event as it costs money to run the event. This isn’t a business running events to make a profit we donate a lot of time to run these for no financial benefit, we actually donate any leftover money to charity – Thorne Harbour Health.

All ticket holders will be issued a refund through Eventbrite where you purchased the ticket.

We find locations that are easy to access via public transport and that are in Melbourne and Sydney Inner city. An entire house, townhouse, or apartment is booked for the party.

Damn, sorry to hear that you can’t make it. Sadly, though we don’t offer refunds. If you’ve got a hot mate who wants to come, get them to apply, and if accepted we can give your ticket to them.

Nah, we hate cash and would rather not be bothering with that on the night – we got more fun things to do than work out how much change to give you.

We use the secure ticketing system Eventbrite so your information is safe and secure. You can learn more about Eventbrite’s privacy policy here.

We’ve been running these parties for a while now and have a great reputation – ask one of your mates if we are legit – they are sure to have heard about our events and maybe even attended one themselves.

We’ve even been featured on the popular podcast The Gays Are Revolting. This episode talks about organised group sex parties. You can listen here on Apple podcast app

You can also check the Safe Browsing site status which tells you if our site is safe or not! If you can’t trust google, who can you trust ?

Nah, we don’t need them – we just want you to come to the Sesh and have fun! All the payments are processed through the ticketing website Eventbrite. We don’t have access to your credit card details ever! Eventbrite is very secure – you can read more about their security here

SatSesh is unique in that only guys who fit the group dynamic are invited to attend. It’s through the pictures that guys submit during their application process that we are able to determine this.

If you don’t send us your pictures, then the sessions wouldn’t have as many quality babes as it does.

We understand that you might not be comfortable with sending us pics through our website, so if you prefer you can also send them via email to

Our website is secured using 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption so that all communications between your device and our server are secured and can’t be intercepted.

Applications that do not contain pics will not be accepted, and you will be asked to re-submit your application.

Nah, on average we get at least 50% new guys and 50% guys who have been to a session before – that means that there will be guys who are in the same boat as you as well as some guys who have been before and know what to expect. All the guys are chill and some of the ones who have been before are great to ask about their experiences. If they keep coming back – it must be good!

Don’t we all! The group is curated by guys with good taste and we also need to ensure privacy! One week before the event, you will be added to a WhatsApp chat group to meet all the guys. On WhatsApp, you are free to share your pics with the group but we will never do it on your behalf! Trust us though – we love quality babes! Don’t forget to check out some of the stats of the next sesh.

Doors open at 9:30 pm and will remain open for an hour (until 10:30 pm). Latecomers will not be able to get in after 10:30 pm. The party draws to a natural conclusion and can last between 4 and 7 hours.

We suggest that you bring a bag to put your clothes, shoes, wallet, phone, etc in. There will be a designated change area where you can get unchanged and leave your bag. If you want to have a shower, we also recommend that you bring a towel. Remember not to bring anything valuable as your stuff will not securely locked away or monitored.

We are as well – there are lots of dodgy websites out there to scam you. Luckily this isn’t one of them. We never share your personal information or photos with anybody except the Saturday Sessions team. Upon request, we delete any pics and details we’ve got – we totally understand that you don’t want these getting into the wrong hands. You can ask at any time for your information to be deleted and we will happily do so. As always if you’ve got any concerns just contact us.

We love BodylineWet and Subway, don’t get us wrong – those places are awesome, but with a SOPV (Sex on Premises Venue) you have no idea what type of guys (if any) are going to be there, it can be hit-and-miss. SatSesh is invite-only via an application, so the guys who come have applied to do so and have been invited to attend. We’ve also got a set of rules that all guys have to follow to ensure that everybody is comfortable and has a safe and fun experience.

It’s common for guys to fuck both BB (Bareback/raw) and safe. We find most guys who are on PrEP will fuck raw. But doesn’t mean this is an exclusive BB party. Guys will often fuck with a condom – in fact we provide condoms and lube for free!!

Whilst we encourage everybody to be regularly tested and to do so before attending a sesh, we can’t guarantee that this happens.

There is a chance that with any sexual encounter that you might catch an STI or STD. You should use the relevant protection for your own safety. This might mean using a condom or taking PrEP.

Head to for more info!

SatSesh is run and organised by a group of guys who believe in meeting like-minded guys while having fun! The sessions are run as a hobby rather than as a business. All the organisers donate their time and expertise whilst maintaining professional careers.

SatSesh was formed in March 2018 after the event founder attended a few similar style parties in Melbourne a few years ago. The parties that he attended stopped unfortunately so it was decided to start up SatSesh to continue the fun!