House Rules

These rules are to be read before you apply to join the guestlist, and again before you buy your ticket to any session.
Applying, and/or attending a session means you have read and agree to these terms.

Consent We say “yes” enthusiastically, and “no” politely. No means no and always play with consent and never interrupt other people playing. Play safe and keep it fun! Raw fun is by consent only and this must be verbally obtained at the session.
Privacy: We maintain a strict privacy policy with no tolerance for breach. Personal belongings are respected, and no pictures or videos are allowed.
Respect Respectful conduct of attendees is mandatory. We always respect each other’s sexual orientation & gender identity, boundaries/limits, safe sex choices. Individuals may choose to be only voyeuristic or engage in simple touch.
Venue Respect: We treat our venue with utmost respect, keeping noise levels low during arrivals and departures, and taking responsibility for any damage caused.
Substance Use: We have a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse. Attendees under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be escorted off the premises.
Health and Hygiene: We prioritize health and hygiene, committing to regular sexual health screenings. Each participant is expected to be drug-free and clean. Condoms and lubricants are provided for safety and comfort.
Lost Property: Attendees are responsible for their belongings. The event takes no responsibility for lost or missing items.
Tickets: Tickets are non-refundable except in the event of a cancellation; change of mind does not warrant a refund. Misrepresentation for admission is not tolerated.
Incidents: Any incidents should be reported to the hosts immediately for prompt assistance.

Group Chat guidelines

The group chat is a great way to meet other guys who’ll be attending each session and to chat with guys who have been to one of our events before.

Your ticket confirmation email will contain a link to this month's Telegram group chat. The chat opens at midday on the Saturday before each session.

We encourage you to introduce yourself to the group, send a pic or two, and share your socials if you like. Be mindful what you share – you are potentially sending nudes to a lot of guys! Remember to only share photos of yourself - never other people, under any circumstances.

Please keep the conversation relevant to this event. e.g. we don’t want to know what you had for breakfast, but would love to hear what jockstrap you’ve chosen to wear to the session!

Some guys may also choose not to be part of the group chat or to share or show any pictures. That’s cool. We will meet you on the night and get to see how hot you are in person!

Sometimes there is a lot of chat going on, so you can mute the chat. Feel free to leave the chat group if you change your mind at any point.

Our promises to you

In exchange for you:

we will: