Saturday 29 May


Arrivals: 7-8pm
Session will run as late as we like!

The venue street address is released on the day at midday.

When you arrive: Look for the glowsticks and discreet sign so you know you're in the right place!

The Session will run something like this:

7-8pm Arrivals

If you're arriving by car/taxi/Uber remember to park, or set your drop-off location, a short distance from the venue. This helps keep noise to a minimum.

We encourage you to arrive close to 7pm. The sooner everyone is here, the sooner we can get started!

You'll be welcomed at the door by hosts who will invite you in, scan your ticket, and show you to the changing room.

Take your time to get comfy in your favourite undies, sexy accessories, or just your birthday suit.

Keep your belongings together in a small bag or backpack: there'll be an area for storing this.

8pm Welcome

At about 8pm one of our hosts will do a short welcome speech to introduce all the hosts, tell guests about the space, and share our top tips for a great night.

This marks the 'official' start of the playtime: take one of your new-found friends to one of the play spaces and get something started!

The Chill-out Space

A Saturday Session is a marathon - not a sprint! Take your time, enjoy every moment, and take advantage of the chill-out space:

Adjacent to the bar we have a chill-out space with sofas. There is always a host in this area to get you a drink, have a chat, and help if you need it.

Throughout the night you'll be able to meet more of the guests here as you mingle.

Home time

As long as there are guests, the session keeps on going: there's no formal end time. You're welcome to leave whenever you like.

Be sure you've got all your personal items, especially: amyl, accessories (e.g. cock rings), clothing.

If you're leaving by taxi/Uber, remember to set your pick-up location a short distance from the venue. This helps keep noise to a minimum.

Nearest public transport

Tram: routes 1, 3, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67, 72, 96

Bus: 200, 207, 250, 251, 402, 546


Free street parking available

Your questions answered

What should I bring?

Things to bring:

What don't I need to bring?

We provide everything else you need for a good time:

What should I expect?

Read the Before you arrive and Rules pages to get a good understanding of how the sessions play out, and what you can expect.

If you have any questions, scroll down for our contact details.

Do I need to reapply each month?

Nope. Once you're on the guestlist you'll automatically receive our monthly email updates and ticketing SMSes.