Rules on the night

The following rules apply to all participants of Saturday Sessions and are to be adhered to at all times during the session.

These rules are to be read and your attendance at the session means you agree to these terms. Any breach of these house rules will result in attendee removal from the event.

  1. Respectful conduct of attendees is mandatory.
  2. No pictures or videos are to be taken at the sessions.
  3. You must be regularly checked for STIs for the safety of all participants.
  4. Each participant of the group enters knowing that they are drug free and hygienically clean.
  5. Raw fun is by consent only and this must be verbally obtained at the session.
  6. No attendees should be under the influence or bring drugs (amyl is fine).
  7. The property of others is to be respected.
  8. The venue is to be treated with respect and any damage to furniture or property may result in the pursuit of payment.
  9. When arriving and leaving the venue, please keep noise to a minimum.
  10. Tickets will only be refunded in the event of a cancelled session. Change of mind does not warrant a refund.
  11. Any lost attendee property is the responsibility of the attendee. Saturday Sessions takes no responsibility for lost or missing participant items.
  12. Each group participant will respect the limits of the other. Say yes enthusiastically, and no politely.
  13. No means no. Always play with consent and never interrupt other people playing. Play safe and keep it fun!
  14. Condoms and lubricant are supplied for the safety and comfort of each participant. The use is at the personal discretion (i.e. Personal limits must be respected, if you wish a condom to be used this must be clearly stated or pass a condom to your top).
  15. Anyone arriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be escorted off the premises and not re-invited.
  16. Anyone misrepresenting themselves by photo, phone or email to gain admission to the group will be escorted off the premises and not re-invited.
  17. Individuals may choose to be only voyeuristic or engage in simple touch.
  18. Notify the group organiser of any incident immediately/at the first instance, so any problem does not escalate.

If you would like any clarification on the rules, contact us.

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